Criminal and Civil Litigation in Aberdeen

Nowadays if you have to go to Court to pursue or defend a case – be it breach of contract, a personal injury claim or any number of other matters – it can be a very expensive and emotionally draining experience. To the layperson the Court Room can be a very intimidating place with gowned and wigged Judges and Lawyers speaking what may sound like a foreign language and operating by rules and regulations which can seem a closed book to the outsider.

It is essential that anyone contemplating raising a case – or defending one – in the Courts receive clear and authoritative advice as to the prospects for the case and the expenses involved. Equally it is vital that once in Court a client is represented by an experienced Lawyer who can represent the client's interests to best effect. With his 30 years of experience as a Solicitor in civil litigation Bruce can guide a client through the process knowledgeably and sympathetically. Bruce will bring a careful, analytical and focused approach to the client's problem and if at all possible will try to negotiate a settlement before litigating the matter through the Courts.

Litigation is expensive. At the start of a case few realise how expensive it can be. In general he/she who succeeds in litigation will receive an award of expenses against the losing party. The losing party will therefore be paying not only for his/her own legal expenses but the costs of the successful party. It is important that everything possible is done to prevent a client ending up in that position.

Legal Aid

If a client qualifies Bruce will apply to the Legal Aid Board and if Legal Aid is granted will conduct the case on a Legal Aid basis.

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