Divorce Matrimonial and Family Law in Aberdeen

Few events are more traumatic and stressful than undergoing a divorce or separation with the attendant issues of what is best for the children, how to reach a fair settlement of financial and property matters and how to manage the transition to a different way of living for the persons concerned.

Bruce is well aware that at this time in a client's life maximum support is required both emotionally and practically. Bruce is committed to doing the best for a client in very trying circumstances but will do so if at all possible in a way which will not exacerbate the problems and tensions which are very often present in such a situation.

Bruce will recommend and support open and good faith communications and negotiation between the parties. If children are involved their interests must be protected and advanced even within the context of a contested case. If negotiation does not succeed and a Court action is necessary Bruce will conduct such a case robustly but sympathetically with a view, if at all possible, of bringing a satisfactory conclusion to the proceedings sooner rather than later.

Bruce is also experienced in Children's Reporter cases; Adoptions, Guardianship Orders; Separation Agreements and in a wide range of Family Law matters.

Legal Aid

If a client qualifies Bruce will apply to the Legal Aid Board and if Legal Aid is granted will conduct the case on a Legal Aid basis.

Contact Information

Bruce MacDonald can be contacted on the number listed at the top of this page, or via email on the 'Contact Page'.

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