Employment Law and Tribunals in Aberdeen

Everyone’s job is important to them. Especially in these times of austerity when there are fewer jobs available it is vital to know your rights and responsibilities and if your employment is terminated whether through alleged misconduct, redundancy or any other reason. It is equally vital to be able to contest such a dismissal and secure compensation if not re-instatement.

Equally, if you are a small employer working to tight budgets and you experience a problem with an employee you must obtain clear and authoritative advice before taking any steps to resolve the problem. The alternative is all too often that an error is made and the problem ends up in the Employment Tribunal. That can be an expensive exercise for an employer especially since rarely does a Tribunal award expenses against an unsuccessful employee claimant.

With his many years of experience in advising employers and employees and conducting cases through the Employment Tribunals on behalf of both employers and employees Bruce is well placed to assist clients from a very early stage in the life of a problem and – it is to be hoped – negotiate a sensible solution with savings in time and expense to all concerned. If a case does go to the Employment Tribunal; Bruce has the knowledge, experience and advocacy skills to represent a client’s interests to best effect. At all times Bruce will try to reach a fair and reasonable settlement at least cost to the client.

Legal Aid

If a client qualifies for Advice by Way of Representation (ABWOR – a form of Legal Aid for Employment Tribunal cases) Bruce will apply to the Legal Aid Board and, if ABWOR is granted, conduct the case on a Legal Aid basis.

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