Wills and Executries in Aberdeen

Most people wish to do the right thing for their loved ones and no more so when arranging their affairs so that on death those they care about will be provided for properly.

A surprising number of people have not made Wills by the time they die. They may think that a Will is not necessary as the law will see to it that the people they wish to benefit will receive their Estate. Sadly, in many cases, this is not so and the lack of a Will can leave loved ones deprived of the support which the deceased thought he/she would be providing through his/her Estate.

It is very important to make a Will and make careful provision for those you wish to benefit from your Estate after your death. There may have to be planning put in place for liability to Inheritance Tax. Failure to plan properly for such liability could cost your loved one a large part of the Estate that you thought would go to them for their support.

Bruce has many years of experience in the provision of clear advice to those who wish to make a Will and in the drafting of Wills to suit the particular wishes and needs of the Testator (the person making the Will).

On the Testator's death his/her loved ones will be coping with grief and mourning their loss. At such a time Bruce will be ready to give assistance in a sympathetic manner in relation to any practical matters as required and then to winding up the Estate. Generally unless the Estate is very small in value this will involve ingathering and valuing the property in the Estate; applying for Confirmation from the Sheriff Court (the legal process whereby the Executor can lawfully deal with the Estate); paying any Taxes due e.g. Inheritance Tax and then distributing the Estate according to the Will.

In the event of a person dying intestate i.e. without having left a Will, Bruce can advise on the Law of Intestacy in Scotland which provides for the distribution of the Estate to loved ones according to particular rules.

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